It's simple. We want to provide the most straightforward, cost-effective and reliable labour force in New Zealand. We've only just started, having turned a year old last October, yet that hasn't stopped us from growing bigger and more effective every day. Auckland Labour Hire has transcended towards providing immaculate labour to sites all around New Zealand, from earthworks through to luxury shop-fitting sites. We're adaptable, considerate and appreciative of the needs of our clients. Whether you need muscle, qualifications or both, we can supply you with the ideal labour force. Simply communication channels between our accounts manager allows immediate action for your needs.

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"ALH looks to build on a quality experience for both our clients and our contractors. Ensuring the livelihood of our contractors is well looked after, their safety practiced as an utmost imperative, whilst providing them with prosperous opportunities to further their careers is something we strive to achieve. Not to forget, and second to none, the quality of service and the care we achieve with our contractors mirrors the value we have towards our clients. Reliability, punctuality and 24 hour care. Ensuring projects have the sufficient labour required for their timelines is the end goal, and helping to build New Zealand's future in a prosperous and efficient manner is key."

Israel J Whitley, 
Founder & Director
Auckland Labour Hire Ltd