Client Convenience

Sustainable labour is effective labour...

Auckland Labour Hire prides itself on satisfying client convenience, understanding the urgency of supply and the need for excellence on site.
Finding a labour supply that performs the way you want day in and day out can be hard. Our ability to find the right supply for your site is important, not only for our clients, but our contractors as well. Client convenience is our biggest priority at ALH and making sure the right screw fits is what makes us different from the rest. 

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Excellence on site

Demand quality, expect results...

Our recruitment process is designed to provide you with the quality and professionalism you demand, whether it be with our landscapers, labourers or operators.
With the rigorous vetting process every contractor undergoes, we can ensure the people we contract are the same people you want back the next day. ALH's hardworking, trustworthy and reliable contractors are subject to work history reference checks, mandatory drug testing, site safe courses, intrinsic health and safety inductions and MOJ checks. This level of screening ensures the quality of people we provide is beyond expectations and fulfils our guarantee of exceptional labour supply. 

Keeping hydrated

Covering all the bases...

The average person needs approximately 2 litres of water per day to stay hydrated sufficiently. Add hard labour, Auckland's sub-tropical climate and continued persistence through work, and our crews are putting in a shift on the sweat side.

To cover that, we've come up with a couple of policies based around protecting our crews from natural risks in the work place. This includes mandatory water bottles as well as sunscreen provided to each labourer in order to ensure they have the means to stay protected from New Zealand's harsh rays & temperatures. 

Health and Safety 2018

2018 is another year and another challenge. With a growing team comes a bigger focus on maintaining the stringent Health and safety protocol we instil in our practice. Ensuring our contractors follow a health and safety conscious work practice is vital to ensuring they not only have a safe work environment and return home every night, but that we also provide a safe service to our clients. For a better understanding, contact us today to get an explanation of our H&S practices.